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Sustainability actions are broken

Zero Transparency

lack of visibility on the impact of donations making companies unable to monitor results.

Zero Control

Difficult to identify trustworthy NGOs and ensure that donations have the desired impact.

Zero Value

Inability to link sustainability efforts to business processes or growth

Introducing Contribe

Stop wasting time and money on low-impact donations

Sustainability infrastructure

Simple, transparent, and automated actions for a healthier planet

Automate manual tasks, find the right impact partner, validate data and use it to gain a competitive advantage

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Spinka LLC

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One tree planted

With this purchase you're contributing to a green future

Building a school

Be a part of the effort to improve education and foster diversity for future generations.

1 kg plastic collected

Join the effort to reduce plastic pollution and make an impact with every purchase.

Marketing Tools

Easily leverage your sustainability impact everywhere that matters.

Add to your storefront in minutes not weeks

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Find the right vetted sustainability partners

Choose among vetted sustainability partners on the marketplace and start going green.

Green Steps

Environmental conservation

Working to preserve the natural beauty of Indonesia, Green Steps is dedicated to taking small but impactful steps towards a greener future for future generations.


Ocean Heroes

Marine conservation

Based in coastal communities around the world, Ocean Heroes is committed to protecting our oceans and marine life from the damaging effects of plastic pollution.


Your NGO

Your Mission


By registering your NGO with us, you can expand your reach and make an even greater impact.


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